Sending your dog or cat to a groomer offers many benefits, including a reduction in the amount of hair left around your home, an increased level of comfort for your pet and a chance to locate uninvited fleas.

For pet owners around Moravia, NY searching for an experienced and proficient groomer, there is no better choice than Clippity Do Dog. We offer numerous dog and cat grooming services, including nail trimmings, pad treatments and a reinvigorating bath and blow dry session for your pet. Additionally, we can perform specialized services, such as a customized bath for double-coated dogs to help them with shedding, as well as hand stripping and ear cleaning services. Each of our services are performed in a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere, ensuring your dog feels right at home while being groomed.

In addition to our clients in Moravia, we service dog owners from several Central New York locations, including pets from Moravia, Auburn and Groton etc. If you would like to learn more about our business or the services we offer, please contact us.

“We understand your pets are like family & will treat them like our family when you leave them in our care.”